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Principia Belicosa. Word Bearers Legion Tactica: Tactical Overview and special units.

“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes”. Unattributed. In this Principia Belicosa, Jan Dewet gives an overview of the Legion and highlights special units that will shape your collection. Take it away Jan! Let’s start with the rules that shape the army. True Believers: This one of the more interesting base-line Legion rules, as…
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Tutorial Course: Word Bearers

Speak the Truth. Even if your voice shakes. Word Bearer Idiom. Learn to paint the arch heretics themselves; the Word Bearers. Develop your understanding of colour theory, oil application, and creating a workflow for your armies. This course covers how to paint a battle-ready force, how to create stippled textures, how to paint black and…
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Principia Belicosa. Word Bearers Legion Tactica: Introduction.

Wise men have interpreted dreams, and the gods have laughed. H.P. Lovecraft We continue the Shadow Crusade with a full tactica of the prime instigators of the Heresy: The Word Bearers. Join Jan Dewet as he leads us down the road of damnation, and the ugly truth behind reality. To play the Word Bearers you…
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