Tag: Sculpting

Sculpting Masterclass Series.

I’m delighted to bring you the sculpting masterclass series. This series concentrates on the essential tools, techniques, and processes that I use to convert miniatures.  This series is a living masterclass. Once the initial round of tutorials is done more will be added over time. Bookmark this page and follow us on social media to keep…
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Eikos Lamiad, Tetrach of Ultramar. Commission.

“Victory is a fickle mistress, failure a haphazard executioner; for those with the courage to persevere will not abide their dictates”  – Tetrarch Eikos Lamiad Eikos Lamiad was one of the ruling Astartes of the Ultramar system during the age of Crusade and Conquest. The turbulent ages of the Heresy Wars Lamiad came to embody…
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