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Principia Belicosa: World Eaters Special Units

Freedom is the only thing worth fighting for. That is why tyrants always fall. Lord of the Red Sands. Aaron Dembski Bowden Our intrepid chronicler of the dreaded XIIth Dan takes a look at the specialist units of the World Eaters and highlights the most common legion units you will see in a Warlord’s Horde!…
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Blood Angels Contemptor- Incaendius Class Dreadnought Commission.

The Incaendius Dreadnought has to be one of the craziest concepts to come out of the Forge World team for a while. It is a dreadnought that is armed with a JUMP PACK! That can jump from low orbit into battle. What the hell? I have painted two of these as part of a larger…
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Throne Quaphsiel 7:33 – Blood Angels Leviathan Dreadnought

The inspiration for this piece came from Master of Mankind, an offhand comment by the Bringer of Sorrows to Arkan Land describes Baal’s culture resembling that of the Holy Roman Empire. Little details like this provide a context to explore the artwork and develop pieces like this. Those large open spaces on the carapace cried…
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