Price List

Lil Legend Studio Commission Price List

The classifications below are a guideline. Some miniatures, such as tactical marines, do have of the possibility of existing in several categories simultaneously.

For example, a veteran marine that does not have embellished armour will not need as much attention as a Krieg guardsman which has a higher level of detail. Each quote is individually considered and costed appropriately, although we will take into consideration any client requests. 

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Category Example Price 
Small Infantry GrotStarts at £10
InfantrySpace Marine Starts at £17
Large Infantry Terminators Starts at £30
Monstrous infantryVoraxStarts at £40
Bike/ Cavalry Death Korps Death RidersStarts at £50
Infantry CharactersCommissar, Chaplain.Starts at £100
Large Infantry Characters Tyranid TyrantStarts at £300
PrimarchsRogal DornStarts at £300
Small Vehicle Dark Eldar VenomStarts at £50
Vehicle Rhino Chassis Starts at £70
Large Vehicle SicaranStarts at £120
Superheavy Baneblade/ KnightStarts at £250
Small FreehandChapter symbol on space marine pauldron Starts at £25
Medium Freehand Banner for 25mm miniature. Starts at £50
Large Freehand Dreadnought chassis. Starts at £150
The ultimate in bespoke army commissions. If you want a once in a life time collection, we can help you realise it.

Prices do not include to cost of their respective models. We can purchase them on your behalf but need the full amount before any purchases are made.

Prices do include basic assembly (which includes basic gap filling).

Prices do include basic basing.

We can magnetise miniatures. Please specify when contacting us.