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Tutorial: Sanguinius Masterclass, full tutorial series.

I’m immensely proud to share with you the complete Sanguinius Tutorial Masterclass series. This covers all aspects of how you can create a bespoke piece for your collection. We not only explore color choice, application, use of oils and OSL, but we also detail the underlying theory behind these concepts to bring the Angel to…
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Tutorial: Corpse Grinder Cult Series

Rev up those chain axes, the Corpse Grinder Cults are here! This video series will help you learn: * Which areas of the model you need to highlight with the airbrush. * How to create airbrushed skin tones without using a single skin colour! * How to create bloody copper TMM. * How to apply…
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Free Tutorial: OSL video.

We have a special OSL masterclass for you applied to a bust. Enjoy! You can find further bust painting tutorials here And further OSL tutorials here WATCH THE SEMINAR HERE

Free Tutorial: Dark Eldar Skin

Welcome one and all to this free Dark Eldar skin tutorial! This was originally released as part of the Advent Calendar tutorial releases that happen every year. I hope you enjoy! LINK