Painting the Legions: Imperial Fists.

What comes to mind when you talk about the Fists? Loyal, conservative, grounded realists. I wanted the paint job to reflect these qualities. This armour plate was painted at during the siege of terra, mired in the mud and grime of that horrific conflict. The armour plate is no longer polished to a high sheen but is instead a muted, battered version of the Praetorian’s Gold.

Reviewing the 200+ tutorials on the Patreon has revealed a few gaps in the lineup. One glaring omission was the Imperial Fists. Given their prominence in the Heresy (and their stellar representation in Saturnine which I’m still reeling from) it was only right that they would launch the revamped Painting the Legions series of tutorials.

The aim of the series is to create battle-ready Marines, ready to contest the nightmare battlegrounds of the 31st Millenium. These tutorials concentrate on fundamental techniques that build into a comprehensive masterclass of modelling skills and recipes.

You can view the first tutorial on the 25th of April via the Patreon site.

Happy Painting!


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