AAAAAnd that’s a wrap for 2020! Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m proud to be part of a species that can ride out a global pandemic with Tiger King, and end it with The Queen’s Gambit. This year. THIS YEAR. God damn it’s been a tough one. I’ve had friends lose jobs, start new businesses, and do food raids on local supermarkets. Who knew all those…
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Brushes, Not printers: Miniature Painters brush guide 2020.

I had to bin off the printer I bought. It was too low a spec, and I was talked into upgrading by the same sellers. It’s sitting in a box behind me, opened but nothing removed. It looks bare, vulnerable to an uncaring universe. That’s the pebble slipping off the mountain that caused the landslide…
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Death Guard Deredo Dreadnought Commission.

Whenever I go to a gaming weekend, I see a few staples. Leviathans, Spartans, Arcus and Deredeo’s. I love this kit. It’s such a pleasure to paint. Large open spaces to weather or embellish with freehand.

Principia Belicosa: Death Guard Special Rules and Weapons

“In the embrace of great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once feared: Death.“ — Kulvain Hestarius of the Death Guard Jason Tick is the Ferryman, guiding us through the tennets of the Deathguard. SPECIAL RULES Remorseless:  Death Guard units are immune to Fear…
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What to buy? Paints, not printers.

I had a life experience this week. I bought a printer. I’ve been from pillar to post (well, PC World/ Curry’s to…another PC World Curry’s to find staff who could offer more advice than point to equipment on the shop floor and say – that one’s good.) I found a store that specialises in printers…
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Death Guard Land Raider Spartan Commission.

“As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.” Antisthenes Pinto Wallow my friends, in enamel, pigment and oil. This legion, more so than any other, gives the opportunity to indulge in the darker arts of weathering. This is no exception. The full tutorial course for the Deathguard is…
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Death Guard Leviathan Dreadnought Commission.

Deathguard Contemptor Dreadnought designation: ‘Hazard’. The Deathguard Legion offers us the opportunity to really go nuts with weathering. We can crack out the weathering powders, oils, enamels and just go hell for leather destroying our pristine paint job. However, without knowing where to add these techniques, and in which order, a model can look drab,…
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#returntoisstvan: Lucas Collett’s Sons of Horus

Lucas, take a bow! You’ve cranked out a wonderous Sons of Horus force for the challenge. Without further ado, speak! I originally got into the hobby because I have a visual disability, and my physical therapist recommended that I get a hobby that was focused on close eye-work, but also tactile. I originally began with…
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#returntoisstvan: By Bolt or by Blade

We’re doing the victory lap here. Ellis Daniel has completed the #returntoisstvan challenge with a beautiful Sons of Horus force. What’s doubly inspiring is that he’s a local lad – he lives in Cardiff! I’ll have the pleasure of seeing this army in person! Take it away! Well this is it, the end of phase…
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#returntoisstvan Mortarion’s First.

Kevin Rahman-Daultry. or Saint Imp was the first to successfully complete the #returntoisstvan project! Kevin is known for cranking out armies at an enviable speed, but I think this broke his personal best! Let’s hear from the Sonic painter himself. What got you involved with the #returntoisstvan project? Peer pressure, lockdown, and my need for…
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