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ZOMBIE TUTORIAL: The Art of Compromise.

The art of compromise is a series that aims to paint high-quality miniatures but in as short a period as possible. We gleefully cut corners, use every underhanded trick possible[…]

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CRIMSON COURT Vellas Von Faine Commission.

Halloween is a time of subversion. When the usual norms are upended, even if it is for one night. When a lord can dress as a peasant, a man as[…]

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HORUS HERESY Sons of Horus Praetor

The day will not save them. And we own the night.Attributed to Horus Lupercal, Siege of Terra. The Sons of Horus Praetors go up for presale today and I’ve been[…]

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HORUS HERESY: Imperial Fists Army Commission.

–If the Warmaster¬†has turned his back on Terra, what are my orders?–Tell him his brother Rogal will have him answer for it.Rogal Dorn to Sigismund. Who says yellow is hard[…]

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