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HORUS HERESY: Imperial Fists Praetor Commission.

There is only one way to see, and that is through the knowldge of one’s own eyes.Rogal Dorn One of the best miniatures to emerge for the Heresy, this is[…]

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WARHAMMER CURSED CITY: Trogillius the Chamberlain Commission.

A cranky old man and his cat. I aspire to be this character. One of the more saturated paint schemes from the undead portion of the boxed set. I keep[…]

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WARHAMMER CURSED CITY: Octren Glimscry Commission.

He had crucified a toadIn the basilisk abode,Muttering the Runes averseMad with many a mocking curse.The Wizard Way, Crowley. Not knowing a tremendous amount about these miniatures can be as[…]

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WARHAMMER CURSED CITY: Vykros Bloodbourne Commission.

These models have such an 80’s vibe to them. They won’t look out of place in Necromunda, leaping from dome to dome, listening to synth-wave with wrap-around shield sunglasses. I[…]

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